Luxury fitness holiday 


Saturday 20th April - depart Friday 26th April 2024

£300 deposit to reserve

 You are probably wondering what this Fitness holiday is all about?

Women only! you will feel fantastic and powerful.

 Does it get results?  Will I get fitter in a week? Will I get fat loss? Will it be fun? Will I be able to do it?

 Yes Yes Yes Yes - Its all about individual fitness, fat loss, fun and feminine power!

Firstly you will not find this quality and value anywhere else. Why? Because I am 100% dedicated to making this the most fabulous experience. I love health and fitness and have been involved in it since I was a teen (a long time!). I also understand from my nursing experiences that all people are different and that there is no one answer for all. So we keep the group small and there is no middle 'man', which means I can make it a great expereince for all. I love organising & being creative but know my limitations which is why I have a very experienced fantastic team. Read on and please read our testimonials -these are from real people my clients that you can find on my Facebook page

The Unleash the Goddess program:

Fitness Sessions these include,

weight training, Boxing, HIITS & Games

Cross Fit

 Yoga with Lulu

Cycling trips to Albufiera, Salgados, Amercao

Coastal hike

Health & Fitness Assessments

LOADS of rest! reading by the pool & sleep!

Nutrition is carefully planned to meet your needs,

Breakfast included

Teas & coffee included

Low pH water included

Fun social evenings included  


Flights -I can help arrange these.

Transfers- 20 euro private driver- return to villa/airport

Restaurant -Evening meal x5 (approx 15-20euros)

Optional tours -kayaking/ paddle board approx. 35e

Outlet Shopping 5-10 euros for travel

Massages 35-50e & beauty can be arranged.

 This is a friendly holiday where the culture is about positivity.

There is focus on fat loss & fitness but also on feeling good about yourself. 

Many of the sessions are built around games and are adopted for all levels.


Everyone says 'wow' & 'its much better than the photos' but look the photos are wonderful! 

Ultra modern furnishings throughout an absolutely stunning villas.

This holiday is very sociable a place with lots of laughter you will meet interesting people and make friends for life. You will come away with a great sense of achievement, fat loss, increases in strength and feminine power!